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EAR023 เครื่องช่วยฟัง ระบบดิจิตอล Stand by 260 Hrs. Digital Hearing AID Micro IN-THE-CANAL TYPE

รหัสสินค้า : EAR023
ยี่ห้อ : OEM
ราคา :3,990.00 ฿

รายละเอียดสินค้า :
เครื่องช่วยฟัง ที่พัฒนาเรื่องการได้ยิน เสียงชัดใส ผู้ใช้สามารถปรับระดับความดังได้ตามต้องการ หลายระดับ มีขนาดเล็กกระทัดรัด
Model TT-02N ·

A miniature sensitive, low-distortion, low-noise hearing instrument ·

Highly improved sensitivity with newly developed circuitry ·

Customer adjustable volume control for individual sound levels ·

Three sizes ear pieces for best individual fit ·

Cleaning brush for daily maintenance ·

Hard plastic carrying case features auto-off to save battery life ·

Battery life (PR-41/312): 260 hours [equals about two weeks of use]Zinc-air batteries must ‘breathe” 1-2 minutes after tab removal, before insertion into the hearing aid

The Micro-Mini In-The-Canal Hearing Aid features advanced circuitry that renders very sensitive, low-distortion and low-noise signals to highly improve your hearing. You do not need to invest some thousands of dollars to Improve upon your hearing. This tiny instrument is barely visible, extremely light and you will hardly notice it while wearing it. In fact, please do not forget to remove it when taking a shower, or retiring in bed, as we have experienced ourselves. You adjust the volume to your personal liking and adjust it to any level desired at the moment. No need for “TV Ears” or alike.The new circuitry also offers great energy-savings to make a normal PR41/312 Zinc-Air battery last some 260 hours, which equals two weeks of use. Replacement batteries are quite reasonable in cost and we can supply them. Alternatively, visit a Pharmacy or other battery outlet for replacements. You will be convinced to hold off spending thousands of dollars at most super-high margin audiology outlets, who tend to convince you of their superiority in hearing instruments, mostly manufactured by factories such as ours.We purchase directly from the manufacturer and avoid the high-earning ‘middle-men’ normally used. These savings are passed on to you in our prices. Our performance will impress you. Do compare this hearing aid with others sold on the Internet—You are dealing with a US-based distributor and will not have to wait for a thru-Customs-inspected shipment from Asia. We stock and ship from the USA.
“According to the FDA, it is in your best health interest to obtain a professional medical evaluation before purchasing a hearing aid and you are encouraged to do so before bidding on this item. If you choose to not obtain a medical evaluation before purchasing this item, I am required by law to provide to you and obtain from you a signed written waiver of the medical evaluation, and I am required to provide to you a copy of the User Instruction Brochure for a hearing aid, review the contents of that brochure with you, and afford you time to read the brochure. You must provide to me either a signed statement from a physician or a signed waiver before I will deliver this item to you. Upon your request, I will also provide to you a copy of the User Instructional Brochure for the hearing aid or the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor from whom a User Instructional Brochure for the hearing aid can be obtained. All instructions are also included with the hearing aid.” Ebay requires this statement to be made -and we adhere to that.We want you to be aware that our in-the-ear hearing aid is basically a sound amplifier, which renders desired results to most every customer. Being it is a ‘Over-the-Counter’ instrument, neither a prescription, nor a waiver are necessary. Just order it and enjoy improved hearing at costs that offer you most substantial savings on a superbly engineered instrument.WE HAVE WORN THESE AMPLIFIERS FOR SEVERAL MONTHS AND ARE CONSTANTLY AMAZED AT THEIR PERFORMANCE. WE MAY BE PREJUDICED ??Illustration shows two aids – the second is only to illustrate size, compared with a US Penny. Kit comes with ONE aid only.

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